Friday, 21 October 2016

WAB on the move!

Here we are then...

 The army has been mustered, a battle plan or three have been pondered (not really!), provisions have been gathered and duly packed for the journey and all that's left to do is get a good nights rest ready for the alarm call at the crack of 6am, just in time to give a very manly and suitably rousing speech to the troops before we set of for the trip oop Norf to visit George Anderson of  musings on wargames and life blog, who has kindly offered to be sacrificed on the alter of an Age of Arthur WAB game, along with Georges son, Stewart. 

We're playing my first ever ACW game on Saturday using the Johnny Reb rules that George and Stewart have been playing for a very long time and which I can't wait to have a go at, then on Sunday, two games of WAB1.5 using the Age of Arthur supplement. These will be George and Stewarts first games of WAB, so it'll be interesting to see what they think of these grand rules and what is generally considered to be one of the best ever supplements.

Sorry about the terrible photo, but this is the Scots-Irish army that's traveling Norf to do battle - reports will, I'm sure, be a plenty after the carnage is over!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

WAB Gaming Event.

 WAB 1.5 Gaming Event

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August 2017
The Theme of the event:
The theme for both days will be 
The Age of Arthur
Using the WAB 1.5 rulebook and the updated and optional rules contained therein.

Players can book for either a single days gaming or both.

What you will need to bring:
A 1500pt fully painted army from The Age of Arthur supplement, a tape measure and plenty of D6! 

The venue:
Coddington Village Hall, Main Street, Coddington, Nottingham, NG24 2PN.

How Many Games will there be?
We'll play three games on each day, starting with a doubles game, then continuing with two singles games.

 How much will it cost?
The cost is £15 for a single day or £25 for both days.
Payment is required in advance via paypal to: 
Lunch, Tea, Coffee and light snacks will be provided on both days and are inclusive.
If you like the idea of a day or two of gaming simply for the pleasure of it along with some like minded people, please get in touch either via the WAB Facebook group: 

or via email at:  

Monday, 22 August 2016

Getting the turn sequence right!

Over the years that I've been playing WAB, it's always surprised me how many little bits and bobs that form part of the core turn sequence myself and my gaming buddies have gotten slightly wrong, or not quite in the right order. Nothing game winning, or anything of that magnitude, but with that in mind, I've put together a quick reference sheet, which is more of a turn flow sheet than a point by point reference.

You'll find it by clicking this LINK!

BTW - It's been designed to be printed full A4 portrait page with no borders, then folded into A5 and laminated if required.

 I hope new and old Wabbers might find it useful!

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Noble Franks - A WAB BatRep.

We played another great game of WAB today with the Age of Arthur supplement. This time my stand in Angle army would fight against Matthews Franks (cobbled together from his Norman army, with some supporting troops thrown in for good measure). We played the pitched battle scenario with 1500pts worth of troops. Again, this is the size of army that we're looking to use at the WAB weekend event next year, so these games help out with timings for the days events. We used the standard scenery rules and Matthew won the dice roll for setting up the armies, so I went first, then we put a unit down one after the other, after which I won the roll to choose who went first or second, so I went first...

The Angles covered as much ground as possible in the first turn.

This game didn't require any of the subtleties of the previous one - it was going to be a real clash of arms, so I wanted to get as much of my army into the fight as I could before they suffered too many shooting casualties, so with that in mind, off they went at full speed ahead! Matthew had a similar idea, but was more cautious and positioned his units to get some javelins shots in where possible.

It didn't take long before the real fighting began.
Matthews plan to get some extra shooting attacks in paid some dividends in his turn as he managed to panic the mounted Gedriht unit, who ran like the wind to get away from those mounted Pueri on his right flank - they would take a bit of dealing with it seemed.

Oh dear...
After some pretty brutal combat, both sides had taken enough casualties to cause tests, but the worst of it came from the challenge between the two army Generals. During the first round of combat, the Anglian Atheling had had a lucky break and caused two wounds on the Frankish King, who had fumbled his own attacks and caused no wounds at all. With his lifeblood draining away, the King put up a valiant fight, causing a wound on the Atheling, but it wasn't enough to finish him off and so the deathblow came swiftly... The King was dead, and the army new it, with almost all of the units turning tail and running for home, the Frankish battle line faltered.

The brave few.
The only Frankish units left standing after their King had died in combat were the troublesome mounted Peuri and the allied Tribal Warriors, who refused to flee in the face of almost certain defeat. At least they would die fighting, and they would too!

Even the Pueri have seen enough.
With the final stages of the battle coming to a close, the Pueri took casualties from the previously rallied mounted Gedriht unit, which caused them to turn tail and flee along with the rest of their Frankish comrades, which left only the Tribal Warriors in the fight.

The bitter end.
With the rest of the army lost or fleeing from the battlefield, the Tribal Warriors stood firm in the face of the oncoming Gedriht unit on foot, led by the Atheling and his battle standard. Although the fight was a close thing, the Angles finally broke and ran down the last of the Noble, yet doomed Frankish army and the battle ended in a resounding victory for the Saxons.